Is Heff Med an authorized dealer for Hologic/Fluoroscan Mini C Arms?
Yes, Since 2002 Heff Med has been an authorized dealer.

Does Heff Med only sell Mini C Arm consumable supplies and accessories?
No. Sterile Drapes, and Print media for ALL systems are available upon request.

Does Heff Med offer volume discounts on accessories?
Yes. Call for details.

Does Heff Med Buy Used Equipment?
Yes. Heff Med will buy All Mini and Full Size C Arms in good working condition.

Does Heff Med sell Used equipment?
Yes. Used, Demo, and Remanufactured units are often available. Heff Med will also use its many channels and partnerships to help you locate a system that fits your budgetary needs.

Does Heff Med provide leasing/financing?
Yes. Heff Med will provide multiple leasing/financing options prior to any sale upon request.